Computer Services & Repair, LLC (CSR, LLC) supports your computer repairs and IT-related needs. We provide a single point of contact to resolve your needs. We have a network of parts sources so we can repair your Dell, Gateway, HP, Compaq, Acer, Toshiba, etc. models of servers, desktops, laptops and peripheral pieces of hardware.

Reconditioned/Refurbished Computer Equipment

A reconditioned/refurbished solution is offered on just about all product lines, servers, desktops, laptops, peripherals, etc. They are products put through a rigorous refurbishment process and include a competitive warranty.

Custom Server Systems, Desktops/Towers and Laptops

We design and build high-quality custom configurations for use by commercial, small business and residential clients. This ensures you receive systems with highly compatible hardware; we build servers, workstations, gaming PCs, etc.

Upgrades & Software

Need a new hard drive, Windows software, motherboard, extra RAM, computer cable, etc? We have parts in stock or have access with a short turn around time.