Don’t hesitate when it comes to protecting your home or business computer equipment.
You wouldn’t want to hear a virus has already destroyed years of your data.

Commercial Services

Our business and commercial on-site services cover everything from evaluations to network management to new office set-up. Security is our high priority for your data integrity. Why not protect your investment with a solution that meets your budget? In today’s fast-paced environment, being efficient is being profitable.

Personalized Services

Finding a qualified specialist capable of resolving your PC’s repair in a professional, competent and efficient manner can be a daunting task. Contact us and we’ll communicate with you through the process in a way you will understand.

Residential Services

Do you have a home-based business? We make house-calls to configure new computers, wireless networks, printers (wireless too!). We will resolve your computer issues or set up a wireless network. Many computer troubles can be resolved without your having to leave your home or small business.